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Bansko has incredible mountain bike riding areas covering hundreds of kilometers. It doesn’t matter if you’re after valley trails or a relaxing forest; if you want to get away from the mad rush of the world or you want an adrenalin charge from the theoretical and bodily demands of alpine riding – you’ll see them all in Bansko.

The region includes the Mesta Valley, and divides three of the most scenic mountains in the country of Bulgaria – Rila, Pirin, and the Rhodopi. This yields the landscape of Bansko, a summer resort that has an incredible diversity of biking topography. It’s there you find the lovely Mesta Valley amid the cloud-piercing peaks stretching up to an elevation of 3,000 meters, the hundred-old pine forests, the abrupt slopes with racing fast-moving water, and the towering alpine locations with their imposing peaks and lakes of ice age, deep-blue water.

Tiny, secluded villages that are able to maintain old crafts and practices with great ethnographical importance, create a countryside untouched for centuries. The incredible remnants of prehistoric and medieval artifacts speak of a region that has been in the center of the Hellenic Civilization, viewed the glory that was the Roman Empire, been part of the Old Bulgarian Kingdom, and was a region of the Ottoman Empire.

Take this incredible journey to find a place composed of rich cultures, behaviors and sensations, so varied from all that we know.

Intersport in Bansko has guided tours and bike rental, etc:

The Bansko Mountain Bike Club is a good place to start your research of the local terrain:

Bansko Mountain Bike Club

The club was formed by a number of dedicated riders to promote awareness of what was available in the Pirin, the Rila and Rhodope mountains here in Bulgaria.

They help with advice, information and general chat, listen to others experiences and from this try to build a basis for mountain biking, to establish Bansko as a venue to which visitors from all countries can come and enjoy the area with confidence.

Thier yearly rally, The Road to Nowhere, started as a project to promote sustainable eco-tourism in National Park Pirin and the region of Bansko.

The club has mapped and marked 196 km of cross country and downhill mountain bike trails around Bansko.

The club is a not for profit organization supported by a group of dedicated volunteers. Over the years we’ve had huge support from the Bansko Town Hall, National Park Pirin and the Hotel Avalon.

The Road to Nowhere is an ongoing project. If you would like to know about our future plans or you would like to get involved, please feel free to contact the club:

An insight into part of the first day course on the Bansko `Road to Nowhere’ competition being held over two days in the Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria… 31/07/10 – 01/08/10


Part 2, more of the same… `Road to Nowhere’ Bansko, Bulgaria.. 31/07/10 – 01/08/10