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Hiking & Mountaineering in Bansko

Pirin Mountain

At 2,914 meters, Pirin is the rockiest of all the Balkan mountains. This gives the landscape of a summer resort in Bansko and an incredible diversity of terrains for mountaineer. The stony profile of the area has moved generations of alpine climbers to test themselves by taking on these hills.

The Pirin valleys, ridges and peaks will give even the most challenging visitors a memorable mountaineering experience. The Rock Sites of peak Vihren goes up to 2,914 meters, Sinanitsa reaches 2,516 meters, Georgiytsa goes up to 2,589 meters, Glavnishki Choukar goes still higher, reaching 2,670 meters, and in the region of peak Okaden, up at 2,475 meters, there are a variety of trails of varying complexity for each and every type of mountaineers.

Skillful teachers can help novices learn the methods of mountaineering, to enjoy rock climbing, and secure alpine conduct.

Pirin National Park

Over 100 kilometers of alpine trails are marked and located in the Pirin National Park, and then can provide joy to even the toughest fans of mountain climbing.


For the spelunkers, there are caves in the vicinity of Bansko that have lovely underground rivers, stalagmites and stalactites; these are places that simply must be seen.

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Go to Bansko, Bulgaira to access the hike in and around the Pirin National Park. The walk begins from Vihren Hut at 2000m up the amazing valley to the beautiful Mypamoeo Lake.

A climb of nearly one hour brings you to the Banderishka Gate at around 2500m then there is a short stroll to a viewpoint overlooking the Georgyiska Lakes with the highest mountains in the park 4km away: Vihren, 2914m and Kutelo, 2908m with its saddle: